Panama’s new fender bender law now in place

| December 18, 2010
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The new law covering minor traffic accidents In Panama is now in effect. It was originally passed in March but was not gazetted until Monday, December 13.

Under the new law these cars would be moved, but without a camera you might have a problem.

The good news, for those not involved in the accident, is that in cases where there are no injuries, traffic will not be blocked while the drivers of vehicles involved in minor skirmishes await the arrival of Transit Police to record the details.

The downside for many motorists is that they will have to fill out a two-sided form, and move the cars involved within minutes of the accident or face a $50 fine. They should also take photos of the accident scene, meaning that they will need to carry a camera as well as the report form.

Not having the vehicle insured will earn a $100 fine.
Not having a copy of the Insurance Policy in the car will garner a $50 fine and the car will be held by the police.

The following is a translation of the main points of the decree, prepared by Dr Charly Garcia.

As of tomorrow (14 Dec. 2010) the Formato Unico y Definitivo de Transito must be kept in the vehicle.

If there are no injuries when a vehicular accident occurs, one should take photos and move the car from the street.

The drivers of the vehicles will fill out the Formato Unico y Definitivo de Transito, indicating who the responsible party is.

If no agreement on this can be reached you must call the Transito so that the Transito Agent can fill out that part, using the photos taken and the Form.

If the cars are not moved by the drivers they will be fined $50.00

The completed form should be sent to the Insurance Company to file the claim

The individuals or entities who are responsible may request a Police report within 8 days following the accident. In these cases the Police report shall be sent to the Transit Court (Art. 9).

After the Formato Unico is completed the person has 8 days to cancel the Form. Before canceling the Formato Unico the Insurance Companies should first evaluate the claim.

If the vehicle does not have an insurance policy there will be a $100 fine.

If the driver does not have a copy of the Policy in the vehicle there is a $50 fine, and the vehicle will be retained by the police.

Reprinted from NewsRoom Panama

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