Looking out for gougers as bread to be sold by the pound from July

| April 27, 2011
  • SumoMe

Starting  July 11, bread in Panama will be sold by the pound and not size, following the example of Chile and Nicaragua and other countries in the region.

The  “positive”  move should be closely monitored said  Giovanni Fletcher, president of the Panama Institute of Consumer Law, to ensure that traders don’t take advantage of the change to jack up prices.

Fletcher said   that he expects the price bread by the pound to depend on supply and demand  but price parameters should be set  to avoid driving up prices and to avoid future abuses.

The new rules were introduced in February with an adaptation period of 90 days from April 12.

The new regulation will be valid for 12 months and may be subject to revision, adaptation and updating each year.

Category: Government

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