World Baseball Championships - Special bus services for games

| September 28, 2011
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Baseball ChampionshipThe 2011 World Baseball Championships are being held in Panama this year and will start this coming weekend.

A special bus service (not diablos rojos) has been ordered to transport baseball fans to the Rod Carew stadium for the World Baseball Championships starting this weekend.

Buses, provided by MiBus, operators of the air-conditioned Metro buses, will run from designated locations across the city. They will be: Metro Mall shopping center in the City’s east side; Albrook Mall; the commercial center of El Dorado, and Universidad Santa Maria La Antigua (USMA). Professor Edwin Cabrera, chairman of the organizing committee said the aim is to avoid the traffic congestion that usually occurs when major events are scheduled in the stadium, located on the road that leads to the Centennial Bridge. “For games at 2:00 pm there will be fewer buses than for the game at 7:30 at night,” he said.

The parking lots at USMA will be available for people to leave their vehicles and take the Metrobus. Private security services have been hired to support the 2000 National Police who will be on duty in and around the Rod Carew stadium.

CANADA-US GAME A group of Canadian residents is working on plans to take a bus load of supporters to the Canada-US game on Sunday October 9 at 2 pm For more information email

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