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The intent of this Blog (TPB – see the brightly coloured Favicon to the left and in the web address) is to help those keenly interested in making their Panama experience as rewarding as possible through the sharing of personal experience, knowledge and specific information conveniently located and readily available in one location.

Bookmark this page (http://tuckspanamablog.com) and check back often for new information and regular updates.

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Thank you for visiting my Blog and I look forward to your ongoing interest.

The Author

I am a retired Canadian who has been living and building my new home in the Morrillo Pacific Heights development which overlooks the Pacific Ocean on the incredible and fabulous Gold Coast of Panama – the Western Azureo Peninsula.

For the past 40 years I have worked in the heavy industrial construction sector and had been looking at many areas of Panama and other parts of Central America for a place to retire for quite sometime – then I found Panama’s Gold Coast and immediately fell in love with the awe-inspiring beauty, tranquility and pristine fish filled waters of this specific area.

As you can well imagine, during my time here I had to adapt to a lot of things not normally encountered in North America. While doing so it became evident that others could benefit from my new-found knowledge and local information not found elsewhere as this particular area of Panama is just now being discovered by more and more world travelers, fishing enthusiasts, divers and surfers, etc.

So as I look forward to continuing to share my Panama experience with all of you through this Blog remember one thing – “If You Always Do What You Have Always Done – You Will Always Get What You Have Always Got”

Ciao for now – Tuck (aka – David M Tuckwell)

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